We limit our workload at any one time so you get the speediest service and our complete attention.

We tend to work on an average of 1000 words (4 pages double-spaced) per hour for Copy Editing and a minimum of 10 pages per hour for proofreading but this can vary widely depending on the individual work.

  • Copy Editing a 90,000 word novel will take approximately two weeks from commencement.
  • Proofreading a 300 page novel will take approximately 5-10 days from commencement.
  • Cover design times vary depending on complexity. This will be agreed in advance during the quotation process.
  • Exact turnaround times will be stated in your quotation.
  • All turnaround times are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact us today to see when our next slots are available!

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