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Writing is one of the most personal and consuming of all careers. A writer doesn’t so much as choose to write as they have no other choice – writing is what they were born to do.

We understand how much work you put into your writing craft, and we respect that your style deserves to be different too. Here at Three Assassins Press our goal in life is to help you polish your story so it is the best that it can be, whilst retaining your individuality. It’s your story after all.

We love stories.

Our Job is to make your readers love yours too.

We don’t do academic, non-fiction or commercial work – we only do novels! We love novels and exciting stories so we don’t want to waste our time working on anything else! We think this makes us more committed to our work for you.

We will take your book manuscript in MS Word and provide a range of services to help make your writing come to life. We will always be honest if we think there are problems, but we will always be constructive with ideas about how we can make it work better.

Developmental (Content) Editing

Sometimes even authors get a bit lost in their story, and if the author does then so will the reader. If you need help with your book’s vision, structure, story arcs, plot development, characterisation, pacing or continuity issues then we can provide a developmental edit of either a short section or a complete manuscript.

We can offer guidance on literary style and clarity, sorting any confused and disorganised passages, and removing any fluffy prose or muddled thinking. 

Using your original MS Word manuscript we will mark up (using the Comment function) where we think you could improve it and we will also provide a detailed 4-6 page report listing the issues and potential solutions for you to consider.

Areas covered include:

  • Content Summary: A brief re-wording of what we perceive your book to be about, typically one paragraph.
  • Issue Summary. We will constructively outline the areas that could use some improving. Generally limited to one paragraph.
  • Vision Statement. This will consider the theme and purpose of your story, and what effect this will have on your targeted audience.
  • Readership Profile. In one paragraph we will define what we believe to be your targeted audience, and then provide ideas as to what other reader groups could be attracted to your book.
  • Working Title. We will review your working title and if required suggest several ideas for a stronger title.
  • Chapter by Chapter Review: This is the main part of the report, breaking down each chapter and discussing any issues or areas for review.
  • Sales and Marketing: This section gives advice on what we think you should do with your story next and some options for consideration.
  • Summary and Final Comments.

We will offer advice on what you should do next with your story, and if you should consider anything else to improve your story. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do then drop us a line today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

2020 Rate:  £35 per hour.

Line & Copy Editing

Some people get very confused when talking about editing. A line and copy edit won’t resolve gaping holes in your plot line (that’s Developmental Editing – see above) but it will spot the more technical issues that every book has such as grammatical or factual errors. Using your brief we will cut-out any dead-wood, and offer advice on how to sharpen and polish every paragraph, and do our utmost to make your book the best that it can be.

Using your MS Word manuscript, we will look at:

  • Writing style and voice.
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.
  • Correcting commonly confused words.
  • Consistency (character names, place names, descriptions, capitalisation, hyphenation and numerals etc.).
  • Proper tenses (past/present/future).
  • Consistency of character viewpoints (POV).
  • Showing vs. telling.
  • Passive voice.
  • Removing awkward phrasing.
  • Dialogue.
  • General advice on paragraphs that could be tighter or if you are overusing any words and phrases.

We will query any structural and organisational problems and offer potential solutions. If you require more detailed advice then please consider our developmental editing service.

We will return your MS Word manuscript with all queries and proposed corrections shown in the comments function and in the TRACK CHANGES function.

We thoroughly recommend that every book is copy edited as well as having a final proof read.

2020 Rate:  £13 per 1000 words / £0.013 per word


Proof reading is checking every word, every letter and every piece of punctuation to ensure that your book looks professional and reads as well as any other book. Not to be confused with a Line & Copy Edit (see above) we will provide a fully-corrected and annotated final copy of your MS Word manuscript for your consideration.  We will return your MS Word manuscript with all queries and proposed corrections shown in the comments function and in the TRACK CHANGES function.

We advise that you only do this after completing any structural changes.

2020 Rate:  £12 per 1000 words / £0.012 per word


A 300 page novel (approximately 80,000 words) will cost roughly £1040 (to be confirmed via quotation)

We can also provide proof-reading on a chapter by chapter basis in order to help reduce your costs.

Please note that we also strongly advise for you to format your book before offering it for publication.

Formatting / Typesetting

Your readers deserve a quality product, produced to the same standards as every other book they want to read. Content and appearance are both equally important, so make sure it always goes to print looking professional. Once your book has been edited and had a proof read you still need to get it formatted so that it can be physically uploaded to your chosen e-book platform or else sent to your paperback or hardback publishing supplier. We believe that authors should spend their time writing, so we will do the donkey-work for you.

We will take your MS Word Manuscript and select a suitable font (typography), line-spacing, styling and typesetting to make your hard work look professional and a joy to read. We will also resolve any page layout and number problems and create a linked contents page.

All you have to do is tell us who you want to print your book with (Amazon Kindle, Ingram, Smashwords etc.), what format you are looking for (Kindle e-book, paperback, hardback etc.) and your book size plus any other instructions or details. We will then send you a print-ready PDF or a MS Word Document (to be confirmed at the time of ordering)

2020 Rate:          £1.15 per page (Amazon Kindle only)

                              £1.75 per page (all other formats)

Cover Design

They say that “a cover is worth a thousand words” but we should also “never judge a book by its cover”! We have seen thousands of good indie books ruined by home-made covers so if you want your book to be the best it can be, you will need to think seriously about your cover. Just as a poor cover will drive potential readers away from your book, a well-designed cover has been proven to significantly increase your chances of a customer buying it! Here at Three Assassins Press we like to keep things simple so your costs are lower and your cover looks professional. We can supply a high quality, fully formatted cover (JPEG) for you to upload to the online e-book retailer of your choice (we recommend Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing). If you want to sell hard copies (paperback or hardback) too then we can do that as well.

  • Please specify at the time of quotation what you require in terms of publisher, format, size, and finalised page count (hard copies only).
  • We can use your own image if requested, or provide a commercially supplied (royalties paid) image on a COST +5% basis (in order to cover our research time). All supplied images must be at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.
  • Bespoke graphical designs are also available but will be charged at an hourly rate + 20%.

2020 Rate:          E-book front cover (Kindle etc. please specify)                           £175

                              Amazon Paperback (front cover, spine and rear cover)          £250

                              Lulu or Ingram Paperback or Hardback                               PRICE ON REQUEST

                              Bespoke Covers (Illustrations or Unique Graphical Design)         PRICE ON REQUEST

Marketing Packages

We can take your book cover and turn it into a variety of images, banners and adverts for your online and offline marketing campaigns. We are happy to give advice on what a new author may need.

Copywriting for media

If you need a press release, author profile or even a whole website then we can do the writing for you!

2020 Rate:          £15 per hour

Bronze Marketing Package

1 x Facebook advert image based on your book cover

1 x Twitter advert image based on your book cover

2020 Rate:          £99

Silver Marketing Package (recommended)

1 x Facebook advert image based on your book cover

1 x Facebook Banner Image for your Facebook Page based on your book cover

1 x Twitter advert image based on your book cover

1 x Twitter Banner Image for your Twitter Profile

2020 Rate:          £125

Gold Marketing Package

2 x Facebook advert images based on your book cover (quotation, reviews, or mini synopsis)

1 x Facebook Banner Image for your Facebook Page based on your book cover

2 x Twitter advert images based on your book cover (quotation, reviews, or mini synopsis)

1 x Twitter Banner Image for your Twitter Profile

1 x Launch Press Release for your use

1 x Author Profile

2020 Rate:          £149

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